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Thousands of US Businesses and their Employees Rely on us for Labor Law Poster Compliance.


Remote Employees Rely On ePosterService.


Employers rely on us for Labor Law Poster Compliance. 


Businesses use ePosterService for remote employee poster compliance.

A Modern Labor Law Poster Service You Can Trust

Electronic notices do not replace physical posting requirements in traditional worksites. An employer must still display physically posted copies of mandatory labor law notices in a location that is accessible to all employees that frequent their physical workplace.


“As the changes took hold in the workplace due to COVID we realized we had an opportunity to add more value to our clients and help them solve an important problem.  We already had a robust program to help employers satisfy their labor poster requirements in their physical office, but we knew our clients also needed a solution for their remote employees.

Once we saw the ePosterService product and learned more about the problem that solves, we realized how big of a problem labor law posters for remote employees is for employers, and how effortlessly and efficiently the platform solves it for them.

Making ePosterService available to our clients has been a tremendous value add for them and us.  Many of our clients were not aware of their obligation to provide this information in a different way to employees working remotely.  By adding it to our service offerings, our combined education and compliance programs have become stronger and more well rounded."

– Balance Point

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It only takes a few minutes to set-up your account and create your private label.


Put Labor Law Posting Compliance on Auto-Pilot

Help your clients conquer the challenges of meeting labor law posting requirements in the hybrid workplace.


Communicate the new service to your clients

We will plan and support a turn-key product launch strategy for new and existing customers.


Elevate your role as a trusted advisor to your clients

The benefit broker role has expanded to include HR consulting and advising. As HR challenges increase for employers, more and more benefit brokers are stepping up to help their clients.

Our turnkey solutions will help you elevate your role as a trusted advisor by solving labor law poster compliance for your clients.

Help your clients put labor law poster compliance on autopilot

Labor law poster compliance becomes more complex year after year. Agencies are releasing more changes than ever before, AND, there are new department of labor guidelines regarding remote employees. As a result, most employers today are at risk.

With our automated poster service for the physical worksite and our patent pending online solution for remote employees, your client will not have to waste time worrying about labor law poster compliance.

Add new annuity-like revenue sources for your business

In addition to adding more value to their client relationships, benefit brokers are seeking new ways to expand their business and increase revenue.

Our unique approach provides very low cost, easy to deploy, no-risk NAHU member opportunities with immediate results for new recurring revenue streams.

The Most Effective Labor Law Poster Solution

We conquer your toughest labor law posting challenges in the modern hybrid workplace

Automatic Notifications

Our system takes care of notifying employers of changes to labor law postings.


Our service is backed by a $25,000 We-Pay-The-Fine Guarantee.

We Specialize in Multi Location Management

Our pricing includes everything, even the cost of shipping posters to your client's locations.

Private Labeled With Your Logo

Labor Law Posters ship to your client's location(s) printed with your logo.

Simple Order Management  

Online order management with a dashboard, reporting and access to tracking numbers. No manual reordering.

Risk-Free Service

The ePosterService allows for instant activation and your clients are never tied into a contract. Cancel anytime. No large upfront costs. Flexible monthly pay-as-you-go billing.

100% Digital Service 

We provide automatic notifications and updates to employees.

Don't Worry About What Your Clients Need To Post

Certificate of Acknowledgement and audit trail for your clients. Covers State, Federal, City and County notices.

Risk-Free Service

The ePosterService allows for instant activation and your clients are never tied into a contract. Cancel anytime. No large upfront costs. Flexible monthly pay-as-you-go billing.

Robust Paper-Trail

Includes state, federal, city and county notices specific to your client's remote employee location(s).

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Our service is backed by a $25,000 We-Pay-The-Fine Guarantee.

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PosterElite’s Labor Law Poster Compliance Solutions Will...

Our Turn-Key Solution does all the work.

Since 2005, PosterElite has helped over 500,000 businesses of all sizes and industries comply with the latest labor laws and safety regulations.

We pride ourselves on helping employers cope with regulatory changes while delivering comprehensive, easy to use, and cost effective solutions that simplify compliance, and help prevent costly fines or lawsuits.

We are the trusted provider of labor law poster compliance solutions for more than 1000 resellers and distributors. Our labor law posters are hanging in company break rooms across the USA.

Our patented ePostersService(™) was created to help employers cope with the rapid transition of the workforce from on-site to remote during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have captured more than 15 years of our unique processes, experience, technology, and expertise in the labor law compliance industry and turned it into the ePosterService… an easy to use, automated, web-based system that assists employers with effortlessly maintaining labor law poster compliance for their remote employees.

Employers Shouldn’t Be Burdened By The Complexity Of Compliance.

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Benefits & Discounts

NAHU Member Specials

Discounted Online Solution Simplifies Labor Law Poster Compliance For Your Clients

Low Cost, Discounted Implementation Fees
(80% off of the $2500 fee).

White-Labeled Solutions

Branded Posters, Services & Online Stores Available.

Revenue Share 

Earn An On-going Revenue Share For All Products & Services Sold!

Wasting Valuable Resources

If you are allocating inhouse resources to manage your PEO's Labor Law Poster Program, we can help get you reclaim your workday.

Frequent Law Changes and Endless Research

With over 200 mandatory posting changes last year, making sure your clients have the most up to date labor law posters for both on-site and remote workers can be a struggle.

Remote workers

Employers have the same obligation to inform remote workers about their rights as they do on-site employees.

Simply compliance and avoid hefty fines and lawsuits in the age of remove working.

We take away the burden of Labor Law Poster compliance

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Modern Labor Law Poster Compliance For The Hybrid Workplace

Employers are increasingly concerned about HR and Labor Law compliance, especially in the new age of remote work. They are turning to their HR and benefits providers to guide them.

Your clients will never need to worry about labor law poster compliance again.

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Co-Branded or Private Label Solutions

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